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Wireless Sensors with Autonomous Power supply

  • Advanced Technology Laboratory
  • Fundamental and cutting-edge technologies
  • Industry Solution
  • Safety and Security
  • Battery-less wireless sensors made possible by using environmental-vibration based power generation technology
  • Maintenance free due to the elimination of battery replacement
  • Significant reduction in the power required for communication via an energy-efficient data compression technology

To promote the popularization of IoT and M2M systems using wireless sensors which offer great potential, it is necessary to solve power supply problems such as power supply wiring for sensors and battery replacement. Therefore, we have developed environmental-vibration based power generation technology and data compression technology that significantly reduces the power consumption of communications.

Contributing to the solution of social issues via the use of self-powered wireless sensors

Application example: Safe and secure monitoring of infrastructure and factory equipment

Realization by means of vibration power generation technology and energy-efficient data compression technology

Application example: self-powered rotating machine failure diagnosis system

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  • Introduced in “Wireless Sensors with Autonomous Power supply” in 2018 special summer issue of Electrical Review (issued June 29, 2018)