Compact Magnetic Contactors "SK 18, 22"

  • Business Group & Production Technology Group
  • Electric Distribution&Control Components
  • Safety and Security
  • Miniaturization of the width from 53mm to 45mm
  • Low power consumption and electromagnet capacity reduction of 66%
  • Welding performance of boundary contact points 2.5 times greater than conventional devices by utilizing inrush current

For the SK Series, we analyzed arc behavior by doing actual verification and simulations, and based on the results, we only thickened the part of the partition wall that is subject to wear. In addition, we adopted a groove shape for stagnating the arc gas in order to improve cooling efficiency for the arc during cutoff, while also successfully reducing the width of the product from 53mm to 45mm.

The newly developed polarized DC electromagnet optimizes the quantity of magnetic flux for the permanent magnet as well as the magnetic flux of the coil so that the plunger can operate after the coil voltage rises sufficiently. We were able to reduce the depth from 108mm to 94mm, while also greatly reducing power consumption from 7W to 2.4W.

External appearance of SK18, 22

Internal structure of the contact

Optimization of interphase partition wall and arc gas stagnation structure

Newly developed direct current electromagnet

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