Laser Bonding Technology

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  • Energy Saving
  • Heat impact control via local heating
  • Improved laser absorptivity via surface modification
  • Direct bonding technology for dissimilar materials

We are developing direct bonding technologies that utilize laser bonding to facilitate a further reduction in tact time, while also contributing to product miniaturization and thinning.

We have established several bonding technologies, which include the development of a technology for creating a highly airtight bond by welding the narrow portion between parts made of iron-based materials, a technology for creating a high quality bond for materials of high thermal conductivity and reflectivity such as copper and aluminum, as well as a technology for directly bonding the dissimilar materials of metal and resin.

These technologies are increasingly being applied to the various assembly processes of products such as appliances, power electronics products, power modules, and vending machine parts.

Airtight seal welding of narrow areas
(iron and stainless steel)

Welding of highly reflective materials
(copper terminals)

Improvement of laser absorbability of highly reflective materials (copper) via surface modification
Unprocessed products are subject to welding penetration defects due to the low absorption of laser light
Uniform welding penetration by increasing absorptivity via surface modification

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