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High-Sensitivity Spectroscopy for Inline Quality Inspections

  • Advanced Technology Laboratory
  • Fundamental and cutting-edge technologies
  • Industry Solution
  • Safety and Security
  • High-sensitivity spectroscopy using a birefringent Fourier spectrometer
  • Non-contact measurement enabling inline quality inspection
  • Component and foreign object inspection

We have developed a high-sensitivity spectroscopy that enables non-contact inline inspection of pharmaceuticals and food products. The birefringent Fourier spectrometer used in this technology has a slitless structure, enabling it to effectively use light and giving it a detection sensitivity about 100 times greater than conventional dispersive spectrometers that utilize slits. This technology makes it possible to quickly inspect components and foreign objects inline, something that traditionally has been done via sampling.

By taking advantage of these features, we are working to apply this technology not only to the inspection of pharmaceuticals and food products, but also to measure deterioration of concrete structures and to non-invasively inspect living organisms.

High-sensitivity spectrometer system configuration example

Figure of the principle of birefringence spectroscopy