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ZERO Heating Power Vending Machine "Hybrid ZERO"

  • Business Group & Production Technology Group
  • Food & Beverage Distribution
  • Energy Saving
  • Utilization of a new cooling circuit that makes use of the exhaust heat of the compressor
  • High-density aluminum heat exchanger with improved thermal conductivity
  • Utilization of a heat pump for all operations, eliminating the need of an electric heater

We have developed a vending machine that implements all cooling and heating operations via a heat pump system, thus eliminating the usage of an electric heater.

Vending machines are also specified as special equipment under the Energy Conservation Act, and they are required to achieve a higher level of energy savings to fulfill their social responsibility.

Against this backdrop, we decided to pursue energy savings by eliminating the need for an electric heater to compensate for part of the heating.

We have improved thermal conductivity by exchanging the intake circuit of the compressor and changing the refrigerant path, while also utilizing the exhaust heat of the compressor, as well as by optimizing the spacing and surface area of the fins of the aluminum heat exchanger via the use of thermo-fluid analysis.

These enhancements have made it possible to perform all heating operations via a heat pump, thus reducing winter power consumption by 45%.

External appearance of vending machine

Compressor external appearance and cross-sectional view schematic diagram

Aluminum fin shape for heat exchanger

Thermo-fluid analysis results for heat exchanger