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Steam Generating Heat Pump

  • Business Group & Production Technology Group
  • Energy Solution
  • Energy Saving
  • Application of refrigeration cycle technology cultivated from the development of vending machines
  • Generation of saturated steam from the unused hot waste water of factories
  • Low capacity system capable of being installed in a dispersion state in the vicinity of steam utilizing facilities

Energy savings for heat are in demand. Hot waste water of less than 100℃ is often discarded in an ineffective and unused state from factories since it is considered to be low quality thermal energy.

Fuji Electric has applied its thermal system technology, which was cultivated through the development of vending machines, and thermal component technology used in heat exchangers to develop a small capacity (30 kW) exhaust heat recovery type steam generating heat pump system that can produce 120℃saturated steam by means of efficiently recovering hot waste water of less than 100℃.

This system can be installed in the vicinity of steam utilizing facilities to shorten the pipes, reducing heat loss. This will contribute to energy savings in factories by reducing the amount of fuel used in steam boilers.

Steam generating heat pump