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Non-Polar DC High Voltage Molded Case Circuit Breakers

  • Business Group & Production Technology Group
  • Electric Distribution&Control Components
  • Safety and Security
  • Capable of reverse connection
  • Enables cutoff at 1,000V DC for all current region (1A to 10kA)
  • Magnet-less structure

In non-residential photovoltaic power generation facilities, systems are continuing to advance at high levels of capacity and DC voltages. Accordingly, they are required to have a non-polar breaker, compatible with DC high voltages, capable of safely cutting off current flowing in the opposite direction.

We have studied an optimal mechanism by conducting a magnetic field analysis and cut-off test. For 400 AF, We have developed the mechanism of which magnetic material, instead of a conventional magnet, is used to drive arc and the air gap between arc and grid is shrunk. For 630 to 800 AF, in addition to this, we have developed the mechanism in which the number of grids is increased to drive and cut off arc. As a result, we have achieved non-polarity for DC high-voltage breakers while maintaining compatibility with previous products by having the same rated operational voltage, breaking capacity and dimensions.

Improved structure of 400 AF model

Improved structure of 630-800 AF model

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