Commutation Breaker Analysis Technology

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  • Compactness and high breaking performance via arc commutation breaker technology
  • Visualization of cutoff phenomena via simulation

In recent years, molded case circuit breakers and earth leakage circuit breakers have been required to be more compact and have higher performance.

Therefore, we have used a simulation technology for visually reproducing arc behavior to examine a system that commutates arc generated at contact points to conductors, which are referred to as arc runners. As a result, we have been able to suppress passage energy at the time of cutoff to less than half of that of conventional models. Furthermore, by using this technology, we have been able to verify the new breaking structure without the need of a trial production.

Schematic diagram of conventional breaking structure

Schematic diagram of commutation breaking structure

Arc analysis model of commutation breaking structure

Observation and analysis results regarding arc voltage and arc current at the time of DC cutoff

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