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March 23, 2021
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Achieving Great Productivity through Industry-Leading Responsiveness:
The General-Purpose Inverter NEW FRENIC-MEGA Series

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (led by President Michihiro Kitazawa; headquartered in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) is pleased to announce the launch of our latest general-purpose inverter – the NEW FRENIC-MEGA series.
 *Responsiveness: The speed at which the output signal responds to the input signal.

1. Background

AC drives, one of Fuji Electric's main products, are used in a wide variety of industrial application such as machine tools, industrial robots, fans & pumps, and conveyance lines. By controlling the rotational speed and/or torque of an AC motor, the NEW FRENIC-MEGA drive optimizes the driven equipment’s operation and helps achieve energy-savings in VT Applications. New FRENIC-MEGA series drives are engineered to meet today’s demanding market requirements for more precise and stable speed control of driven equipment to improve productivity.

2. Product Features

(1) Contributing to improved productivity through industry-leading responsiveness

Fuji Electric has significantly improved the responsiveness performance to an industry-leading level. 1,000Hz current response and 200Hz speed response (about 200% faster than current model). With this industry-leading performance, New FRENIC-MEGA is able to closely control the set motor speed even with driven load fluctuations. This enables faster, more stable, and more precise control of the driven equipment. This delivers higher process quality at higher process speeds.

(2) Enhancement of the predictive maintenance functions to reduce the maintenance burden

Fuji Electric designs and manufactures their own IGBT modules (Power semiconductor) which is one of the most critical components in AC drive reliability. As an IGBT Manufacturer we are in a unique position as and AC drive manufacture. We are able to leverage this unique position to add new capabilities to our IGBTs to deliver key features in our AC Drive Products. One of those key features is a life prediction function, which monitors the output current and output frequency of the IGBT module. This function will notify our users of any signs of abnormality in the Modules. Another feature is a low cooling capacity alarm function, which detects signs of deterioration in the inverter cooling capacity. These new functions provide the capability of our customers to develop maintenance plan which will prevent unplanned equipment downtime. Fuji Electric has also added a traceback function for recording the output voltage and output frequency waveform immediately prior to motor abnormal function. This helps to significantly reduce the time to identify the cause of equipment failure.

(3) New cooling hardware structure to downsize sheet metal enclosure and energy-saving

New FRENIC-MEGA is designed with IP55 for the main cooling section (*). This allows reduction in the size of the sheet metal enclosure (control panel) by allowing external placement of cooling elements even under harsh environment. The main heat generation portion (cooling fins) of the drive unit can be outside of the sheet metal enclosure and exhaust heat directly to outside of the enclosure. This method also eliminates the need for a cooling system, thereby it contributes downsizing the panel and reducing power consumption.
* IP55 cooling section: The unit size capacity from 30 to 630kW.

Cooling mechanism

3. Major Applications

Conveyance machines, Machine tools, Fluid machinery (fans &, pumps, etc.)

4. Product Lineup

(1) Basic types
・3-phase 200V: 17 models from 0.4 to 90kW
・3-phase 400V: 28 models from 0.4 to 630kW
(2) Built-in EMC filter types
・3-phase 200V: 17 models from 0.4 to 90kW
・3-phase 400V: 28 models from 0.4 to 630kW
*Check the Fuji Electric website for detailed product information. (Japanese only)

5. Product Inquiries

Product Operation Section, Product Operation Department,
Factory Automation Systems Division,
Power Electronics Systems Industry Business Group, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
*The information contained in this release (product features, inquiry information, prices, etc.) is accurate as of the date of this announcement.
This information is subject to change without prior notice.
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