Tackling energy and environment issues
in the field of industrial and social infrastructure

We are using our energy and environment technology, developed and refined over the period of more than 90 years since the Company was established, to provide customers with products and services in various aspects of industrial and social infrastructure.

Providing Clean Energy

Fuji Electric offers a variety of technologies and products that help to reduce CO2 emissions and provide environmentally friendly energy at thermal power plants using highly efficient equipment, and at power generation facilities using renewable energy sources including geothermal, water, solar, and wind.
Geothermal power generation uses steam created by magma underneath the earth’s surface, and we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of geothermal steam turbines and power generators. In the area of solar and wind power generation, we supply key equipment, including the power conditioning subsystems and substation equipment that are essential for a stable power supply. Our strength in power plant work is our ability to handle one-stop orders for plant construction, from overall facility design to equipment procurement and installation.
We are also one of the world’s few manufacturers developing industrial uses for fuel cells, on which hopes are being placed as a next-generation form of energy.

Nga Awa Purua Geothermal Power Station,
one of the world’s largest (New Zealand)

Kisozaki reclaimed land mega-solar (Mie Prefecture). The power conditioning sub-systems and substation equipment are at the center.

Safe, Energy-Saving Cars and Trains

In the area of transportation, we contribute to safe driving and energy savings. Our power semiconductors are used in sensors and electric convertors for engines, brakes, steering controls, and motor drives for electric vehicles, which are expected to gain popularity as a means of preventing global warming. For railways, we supply Japanese and overseas rolling stock manufacturers with door drive systems that ensure a high level of safety, and power converters that provide a stable supply of electric power.

Power semiconductor

Main converter for railway rolling stock

Contributing to energy savings
in transportation infrastructure

Improved Productivity and Energy Savings

Factories are becoming increasingly automated and energy efficient. We provide motors needed in all types of electric equipment, and the invertors and programmable controllers (PLCs) that run these motors using as little power as possible. We also supply sensors that measure and “visualize” variables such as temperatures and pressure generated by manufacturing activities as well as systems that use this information for optimal energy control on a factory-wide basis. We have recently begun to apply these technologies developed for factories in new sectors, including plant factories and refrigerated distribution.

We support customers in improving facility
productivity and saving energy.

Tomatoh Farm plant
factory in Tomakomai City, Hokkaido

Stable Supply of Energy-Efficient Electricity

Data centers use large amounts of electricity, and we supply uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) that protect equipment from electrical stoppages or drops in voltage, and airconditioning units that efficiently cool servers. We also use combinations of these types of equipment to construct entire data centers. Using our construction technologies cultivated in convenience store construction, we are able to achieve significant reductions in construction period compared with conventional construction methods.


Data center in Rokkasho Village, Aomori Prefecture.
An air-conditioning unit is in front.

Heating and Cooling Technologies for Optimal Temperature Control

Fuji Electric excels in technologies for cooling and heating products. Our vending machines, for which we have the No. 1 domestic share, and showcases for convenience stores and supermarkets feature optimal temperature control and reduced energy consumption. We also have a product lineup for retail stores that includes coffeemakers that use our cup vending machine technologies and automatic change dispensers for cash registers.

vending machine

Supermarket showcases
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