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Preservation of Biodiversity

We are working to preserve biodiversity based on our newly formulated action plan that recognizes the benefits of biodiversity and the impact of our business activities.

Basic Policy on Biodiversity Preservation

As worldwide environmental awareness grows, the range of environmental problems that corporations face is expanding and diversifying. Fuji Electric has long engaged in global warming prevention measures, promoted resource recycling and chemical substance control, and engaged in other measures to reduce environmental impact. In recent years we have also aspired to incorporate consideration for biodiversity into this agenda.

Based on our recognition that its "business activities are both blessed by and influence biodiversity," Fuji Electric is working to minimize the impact of our operations on biodiversity and to help conserve biodiversity together with society through the provision of products and services. We formulated the Fuji Electric Biodiversity Action Guidelines in March 2010 to share biodiversity awareness and promote efforts throughout the company.

Fuji Electric Biodiversity Action Guidelines

1. Reduce Environmental Impact through Our Energy and Environment Technologies, and Contribute to Biodiversity
Fuji Electric contributes to reducing the overall environmental impact of society and to preserving biodiversity by developing technologies for saving and creating energy throughout the energy supply chain, from energy production through use.
2. Minimize the Impact of Our Business on Biodiversity and Promote Sustainable Use
Fuji Electric endeavors to minimize the impact on biodiversity of all aspects of our business and throughout the lifecycle of our products. We promote sustainable use.
3. Work with Society to Actively Promote Biodiversity Action
Fuji Electric works with our diverse stakeholders to conduct business in a manner that promotes biodiversity and social contribution.

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