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MV&LV Switchgear and Control Center

MV switchgear (7.2 kV) and LV Motor Control Center

VC-V6A and VC-VS6A

The VC-V6A and VC-VS6A conform to IEC 62271-200 standard and are designed and manufactured utilizing FUJI Electric state-of-the-art technology.

  • The Circuit breaker is applied the Truck type with a narrow size and no need to applied a lifter at withdraw out of switchgear.
  • The voltage transformer for busbar is draw-out type and can be performed Maintenance easily and safety.

LV Motor Control Center

Control Center SM1200

The Fuji SM1200 Control Center is an easy-to-use and highly safe control center built upon our exhaustive pursuit of functionality and reliability.

  • The SM1200 control center enables of 7 unit-devices in a single-face type and 14 unit-devices in a back-to-back type.
  • The horizontal bus chamber is located at the top of the cabinet. When the top cover is removed, access is obstruction-free and all sections can be easily inspected. The rated bus current is 600A to 2000A, and various types of power distribution systems are supported including three-phase three-wire type and three-phase four-wire type systems.


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