S-Former Complete Systems
S-Former for outdoor installation,1330V DC,85kA,113.05MW

Fuji's Wealth of Experience

Fuji Electric engineers, designs, manufactures and supplies complete AC to DC power conversion systems (Fuji S-Formers) for industrial electrolytic services, which require a large amount of DC power.
The installed capacity of Fuji S-Formers supplied to date amounts to over 16,281MW (as of September 2003).
Fuji designs and manufactures both rectifier transformers and rectifier assemblies under one roof at its ISO 9001 and 14001 certified Substation Equipment Factory.
The rectifier transformers and (rectifier) assemblies are designed and manufactured as a system under one coherent quality control system. Prior to shipment, the rectifier transformers, (rectifier) assemblies and associated controls are coupled at our factory and tested as a system.
The combined test is our standard factory test procedure, which is a unique feature of our quality control system.
Fuji Electric designs and manufactures the diode and thyristor devices for S-Formers at our Matsumoto Factory.The Matsumoto Factory, also ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, is equipped with the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facilities and is one of the largest semiconductor factories in Japan. We are proud of the extremely high reliability of the Fuji diodes and thyristors manufactured there, as proven by the overall statistical failure rate stated on the following pages.

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Features of S-Formers

Maximum Safety and Reliability
Fuji S-Formers are designed for maximum safety and reliability. The S-Former embodies our experience in manufacturing over 15,112MW of power conversion units.

Design Flexibility

Fuji Electric can supply equipment conforming to principal world standards, such as IEC, ANSI, NEMA, CSA, BS, AS etc., as well as special customer requirements.

System Coordination
Fuji Electric can supply a total power conversion system in coordination with the power system of the customer to ensure optimum performance.
This includes transformers, rectifiers, controls, harmonic filters, switchgear and auxiliary equipment.

In-phase Contra-polarity Connection
Fuji Electric's patented "in-phase contra- polarity connection" provides the following outstanding features:
  • High-efficiency and power factor
  • Increased unit ratings
  • Balanced current

Combination Test at Our Factory
Prior to shipment, Fuji Electric conducts a combination test at our factory with the transformer, rectifier and control actually coupled. Fuji S-Formers are thus proven for design and performance as a system before shipment. This is a unique feature of our total quality control system.

Highly Reliable Fuji Diode and Thyristor Devices
High-reliable Fuji diodes and thyristors are proven by an overall statistical failure rate as low as 0.012% per year in over 30 years of operating experience.

Wide-range Voltage Control
The diode rectifier systems can easily and economically provide a wide-range voltage control by employing an optimum combination of on-load tap-changer and saturable reactors.

The thyristor rectifier systems ensure smooth stepless control from zero to the rated voltage by thyristor gate control.

Ease of Maintenance
Special attention is given to ease of maintenance when designing the equipment. Fuji rectifiers feature a walk-in enclosure with ample space for internal maintenance.

Fuji power semiconductors

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