[ Aug. 2015 ]

Release of Aerosol Analyzer (type: ZSF)

  1. Real-time monitoring
    Takes only 15 minutes for quantitative analysis of each component, which used to take more than 8 hours by manual analysis.
  2. Simultaneous and quantitative analysis of particle size, number of particles, composition
    Combination of MEMS technology, laser technology, and particle of particle size, number of particles, composition (sulfate, nitrate, black carbon) of aerosol in the air, thus delivering mass concentration measurement.
  3. High accuracy ensured by a combination of multiple principles
    Light diffusion method (for particle size and number of particles), laser-induced incandescence method (for black carbon), quadrupole mass spectrometry with MEMS particle trap (for sulfate and nitrate) are used to provide accurate measurement.

[ June. 2015 ]

Release of New Temperature Controller (type: PXF)

  1. High sampling speed of 50ms and fast processing speed of 100ms
  2. Improved imput indication accuracy
  3. Universal input
  4. Largest bright color LCD display and the most compact design (58mm depth) in the market.
  5. Smart ramp soak up to 64 segments/15 patterns
  6. Multidrop master function (option)

[ Mar. 2015 ]

New release of Biomass Gas Analyzer (type: ZPAF)

  1. Simultaneous and continuous measurement of 4 components: H2S, CH4, CO2, O2
  2. Compact and lightweight: 19-inch rack mount.
    133 (H) × 483 (W) × 382 (D) mm, approx. 9kg.
  3. Easy-to-see LCD
  4. Optional functions include: automatic calibration, concentration alarm, remote input for switching range, and more.

[ Dec.2014 ]

New release of Ethernet Communication Module (type: PUMCE)

  1. Act as a bridge between Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU, allowing PUM series controllers to connect to an Ethernet network
  2. Enables programless communication with MICREX-SX
  3. Saves wiring work: maximum 32 PUMs can be connected side-by-side
  4. Accessible to all parameters of Control Module, analog input/output module, event input/output module

[ Aug.2013 ]

New release of advanced type Ultrasonic Flowmeter (type:FSV)

  1. Simultaneous measurement of dual-channel flow with one transmitter.
    Capable of measuring flow rate in 2 separate pipes, and calculating average, totalized value, and difference.
  2. High-accuracy measurement using 2-path system for 1 pipe.
    Non-uniform liquid flow can be averaged by 2-path system to provide high accuracy.
  3. Measurement of the energy consumption in cooling and heating system.
    Calculates the thermal energy received and sent with liquid (water) in cooling and heating.

[ Aug.2013 ]

New release of Flame-proof type Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer (type:ZAFE)

Cert NO. GYJ13.1036X
Ex. Marking: Exd IIC T6Gb

Optimum for concentration measurement for H2 , Ar and He.

  1. Operation facilitated with easy-to-read,large LCD panel.
  2. Free voltage on 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz.
  3. Automatically calibrates zero/span. (option)
  4. Computes and corrects influence by other gases. (option)
  5. Two measuring range. (option)
  6. Gas concentration alarm output. (option)
  7. RS232C (MODBUS) communication. (option)

[ Jan.2013 ]

New release of compact temperature controller (type :PXE)

Compact size temperature controller with front dimensions 48 x 48 mm, depth 62mm.

  1. Super slim type. Renewal front design (Depth of front display is 1.6mm.world's thinnest one)
  2. Short depth dimensions! 62mm
  3. Programmable setting for type of temperature input/measuring range as standard!
    Changeable setting for resistance-bulb (Pt100) , thermocouple (9 types) and measuring range with front key
  4. Flexible about any controlled objects!
    -ON/OFF control , PID control and Fuzzy control (auto-tuning)
    -Relay contact output or SSR/SSC drive output (specified by code of symbol)
  5. Alarm output 1point or up to 2 points are provided (2points is optional)
  6. Free PC loader software allows you to reconfigure when start-up adjustment or maintenance (under development)
  7. Front water proof structure (IP66)

[ Jan.2013 ]

New release of ultrasonic flow meter for air(type:FWD)

Flow meter with ultrasonic method measures amount of an air flow rate in the pipe.

  1. Abundant applicable pipe diameters.
    Applicable pipe diameter 25mm up to 200mm.
  2. No energy loss due to no pressure loss.
    Measurement principle is ultrasonic method. There is no pressure loss without protrusion in the pipe.
  3. No need of filter such as mist separator thanks to FWD has high resistance to oil mist.
    Accurate flow rate measurement including oil mist. Strong durable and reliable to use.
  4. No need of power source installation work by means of battery driven.
    Lithium-battery build-in type (approx. 10 years operating) is provided without painful wiring work of the power.
  5. NORMAL conversion function is provided as standard.
    Converted amount of used air ,temperature and pressure into normal status are displayed.
  6. Capable of forward/reverse measurement and output.

[ Aug.2012 ]

Functions of Module type Temperature controller are upgraded. (type: PUM)

More user-friendly due to upgraded functions.

  1. Addition of ramp/soak function
  2. Control of motorized valve is enable
  3. Expansion of the input functions
  4. Expansion of the output functions
  5. Cascade control can be conducted without external wiring
  6. Hight-speed control (100ms)
  7. Addition of new functions to PC loader.

[ Jul.2012 ]

New specifications are added to Cross stack laser gas analyzer (type: ZSS)

Following new functions are added.

  1. Addition of O2 meter with air purge method.
    • - Measurable component(O2): 0 to 25 vol.%....100 vol.%
    • - Measured gas temperature: 400 to 1200°C
  2. Addition of high-speed response type: 1 to 2 seconds (option), 1 to 5 seconds as standard.
  3. Dust proof: up to 40g/Nm3 (option), up to 10g/Nm3 as standard.

[ Feb.2012 ]

Release of New NDIR Gas Analyzer series.

New series launces 3 unique type of analyzers, general use model : ZPA, high performance model : ZPB and ultra low concentration measurement : ZPG.

1.Wide measurable range from 0 - 5ppm up to 100%
2.Excellent stability: Zero drift ±0.5% FS/week or better(ZPB,ZPG)
3.Simultaneous and continuous measurement of up to 5 gas components(ZPA,ZPB)
4.Compact and lightweight: 130(H)×483(W)×282(D)mm, 11kg or less.
5.Built-in paramagnetic or fuel cell oxygen sensor available
6.Unique simple measurement cell design reduces maintenance

Minimum measuring range
Measuring gas components General use model
High performance
Ultra-Low concentration measurement
NO 0 - 200ppm 0 - 50ppm 0 - 10ppm
SO2 0 - 200ppm 0 - 50ppm 0 - 10ppm
CO2 0 - 100ppm 0 - 50ppm 0 - 5ppm
CO 0 - 200ppm 0 - 50ppm 0 - 5ppm
CH4 0 - 500ppm - -
O2 0 - 5% 0 - 5% 0 - 5%

[ Sep.2008 ]

New Cross Stack Laser Gas Analyzer Series Release(Model:ZSS)

ZSS, called Cross Stack Laser Gas Analyzer, is direct insertion type with advanced high technology. It can measure components such as NH3, HCL, NH3+H2O, HCL+H2O and O2 gas concentrations in a stack. Because of in-situ measurement, ZSS can be used under high dust conditions, and at the same time, measured gases do not need to prepare as sampling system. With this advantage, it is possible to install upstream of the bag filter where gas sampling is normally difficult.

What's more, ZSS also has the following sophisticated function.
・High response speed.
・Excellent long-term stability
・Easy maintenance
・Negligible interference by other gas components
・Measurement in a high-temperature/particulate concentration environment

[ Sep.2008 ]

New Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Series Release(Model:ZKM,ZFK8)

Fuji's Zirconia Oxygen Gas Analyzer has been widely used in many various field all over the world, not only in industries of high energy consumption such as steel, power, petroleum/petrochemicals, ceramics, paper/pulp, food, and textile industries, but also in various combustion facilities, such as garbage incinerators and medium-to-small sized boilers as combustion controllers. This analyzer ensures complete combustion through the oxygen concentration control, saving energy and meanwhile helping prevent global warming and air pollution, very friendly to our environment.

What's more, it also has the following sophisticated function.
・Easy replacement of zirconia element
・Gas sampling device is unnecessary
・High speed response of 4 to 7 seconds

[ May. 2008 ]

Fuji has just released a new portable type Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Portaflow-C (Model: FSC).

This new product has more sophisticated features compared to previous type "Portaflow-X" (Model: FLC). That is compact & light-weight (reduced the size and weight by 30%), and easy-to-use color graphic LCD. In addition, Portaflow-C can measure for 12 hours consecutively with its own built-in battery being recharged in 3 hours, and has built-in SD memory card and USB port that can connect a personal computer very easily. It also has new function "Heat quantity measurement" that can be measured by temperature input, making energy management easy for cooling and heating.
Furthermore, Windows based free PC software has various functions like
  • Parameter Loader
  • On-line monitoring of Flow velocity and Flow volume.

[ Aug. 2007 ]

User-friendly and economical, New Paperless Recorder "PHF" is available now!

- 3 or 6 universal inputs
- Clear color graphic 5.7" STN display (320x240dots)
- Long term data saving in Compact Flash
- 5 digital inputs + 10 relay outputs in option
- Easy operation without instruction manual enabled by the onscreen guidance
- Wide variety of display mode. horizontal/vertical display, bar graph display, trend display,
  digital display....
- Communication: Ethernet-TCP/IP in option
- PC support software (Data Viewer/Parameter Loader)

[ Aug. 2007 ]

New Converter for the Fixed type Ultrasonic Flowmeter (Time Delta C) has been just released!!
This new model (FSV) has the following features.

1. 1.Light and Compact

Compared to model FLV : 1/3 in both weight & Volume

2. High speed response : 0.2 sec

3. Cost reduction without giving-up Anti-Bubble-Measurement (ABM)

4. Easier operation & maintenance

- PC loader for parameter setting
- Push button operation without opening front door

5. Multi-lingual support

English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese (Standard)

[ Aug. 2007 ]

Fuji participate in MICONEX 2007 The 18th International Conference and Fair for Measurement Instrumentation and Automation held in Shanghai, China

1. Exhibition name: MICONEX 2007

18th International Conference and Fair for Measurement Instrumentation and Automation

2. Duration: September 18th From To21st,2007

3. Place: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, International Hall

Addresss:88 Caobao Road, Shanghai, 200233 China
Tel: +86 10 82800621
Fax:+86 10 82800879
URL: http://www.miconex.com.cn

4. Fuji booth: West Hall(1F) International Hall A014

5. Exhibited products in Fuji

- Temperature controller
- Paperless recorder
- Various panel instruments
- Electronic pressure transmitter
- Electro-magnetic folwermeter
- Ultrasonic flowmeter
- Gas analyzer
- Alarm personal dosemeter

6. Contact : Fuji Electric Systems (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

B3-C2, 29F, Junyao International Plaza
789 Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai 200032, China
Tel: +86 21 5496 2211
Fax: +86 21 6417 6672
URL: http://www.fics.com.cn

[ Jun. 2007 ]

This gas analyzer is capable of measuring the concentration of NOx,
SO2,CO, CO2, CH4 and O2 components in sample gas.

  • Simultaneous and continuous measurement of the concentration of up to 5gas components
  • Excellent prolonged stability
  • Compact size and simple operation
  • Virtually unaffected by the interference of moisture
  • Substantial functions,including automatic calibration,communications,and alarms(Option)

[ Aug. 2006 ]

Fuji Participate in MICONEX 2006 The 17th International Fair for Measurement, Instrumentation and Automation held in Beijing, China

Exhibition name: MICONEX 2006 The 17th International Fair for Measurement Instrumentation and Automation
Place: Beijing International Exhibition Center

Tel: +86 10 820075

Fax: +86 10 82800879
URL: http://www.miconex.com.cn

Duration: September 13th From To 16th, 2006
Fuji Booth : Hall 8B 8A069

Technical seminar organized by Fuji in Room 208:
1. Innovated remote monitoring system in Oil & Gas field
2. In-Situ type laser gas analyzer

Time of technical seminar: September 13th, 2006 13:00 From To 16:00

Exhibited products in Fuji booth
- Temperature controller
- Chart recorder and paperless recorder
- Various panel instruments
- Electronic pressure transmitter
- Ultrasonic flowmeter
- Gas analyzer

Contact: Fuji Electric Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

B3-C2, 29F, Junyao International Plaza
789 Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai 200032, China
Tel:+86 21 5496 2211
Fax:+86 21 6417 6672
URL: http://www.fujielectric.com.cn/

[ May. 2006 ]

TÜV certification obtained on Model ZRJ and ZKJ

In CEM (Continuous Emission Monitoring) application, which is one of the typical application where NDIR type gas analyzers are used, nowadays, more and more customers require "TÜV certified analyzer system". TÜV approval itself is issued by German Governmental authority, and so officially valid only for the installation inside Germany. However, thanks to its reliable certification scheme based on comprehensive and strict test at both laboratory and field, TÜV approval is widely referred by many end users in other countries even outside Germany.
In April 2006, Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd. obtained TÜV certification for plants in accordance with "13th BlmSchV and TA Luft", on Model ZRJ and ZKJ, which are the latest models of Fuji NDIR gas analyzers. (Click here for Copy of certification in PDF format. ZRJ ZKJ) The applicable components and range covered by TÜV certificate is as listed below.

Model : ZRJ with ZFK7 zirconia O2 option
Component and min./max. range
CO : 0-250/1250 mg/m3
O2 : 0-25 Vol.%

Model : ZKJ with ZFK7 zirconia O2 option
Component and min. range
CO : 0-125 mg/m3
NOx : 0-67/1340 mg/m3
SO2 : 0-286/2860 mg/m3
O2 : 0-5/25 Vol.%

[ May. 2006 ]

New Fuji Temperature Controller range offers advanced performance and greater functionality

The new PXG controller range is packed with new features, to meet a wide variety of needs in the process industries and at a price your find hard to beat.

The controller has all the standard features that you expect from Fuji Electric's superior controllers, and more. With a 200mS sampling cycle and +_ 0.3% FS, the PXG offers response and accuracy that will provide excellent control in most industrial applications. Match this with the new PID palette function that allows you to store up to 8 different sets of PID terms and you have a very powerful controller, packaged in 1/16, 1/8 or 1/4 DIN size.

The PXG range boasts new features such as motorized valve control for servo control (open loop VMD) or position feedback control (closed loop VMD) ideal for burner control, metal treatment and environmental chambers.

New profiling capability comes in the form of the smart ramp-soak feature that provides 16 steps (ramp/dwell) with 7 profile patterns. A guaranteed soak feature ensures the load is kept within a specific temperature range for a specific time period, making the PXG range a very competent performer.

Other features new to the range include true universal input, ramping SV, soft-start, auto manual operation, password protection and alarm flicker function. The PXG accepts temperature and process inputs and offers two control outputs. A wealth of low-cost options include RS485 communications, remote set value input, digital input (max 5 points), digital outputs (max 5 points), transmitter power supply (1/4 DIN only), programmable alarms and 24V AC/DC supply voltage.

[ Aug. 2005 ]
Fuji Electric launches new Duosonics hybrid ultrasonic flow meter.

Duosonics is the world's first ultrasonic flow meter that automatically switches between "Pulse Doppler" and Transit Time technologies depending on the fluid conditions in the pipe, from ultra-pure water to slurries ... even to juice with pulp or crude oil. "Pulse Doppler" is the newly developed technology and enables both the world highest accuracy of 0.5% at reading and direct flow profile measurement.

Now, get both "highly accurate" and "non-intrusive" with Duosonics! And, let it handle your challenging industrial applications where other meters fail, such as "short straight pipe runs with undeveloped flow" or " different fluids running through the same pipe".

  • Automatic Pulse Doppler/Transit Time Switchover
  • High Accuracy (0.5 to 1%)
  • Flow Profile Measurement with Real-Time PC Monitoring
  • High-Speed Response
  • Measure Different Fluids in the Same Pipe

[ Apr. 2005 ]
Effective April 1st, 2005, FIC organization for sales, marketing and product development is incorporated into Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd. aiming at further expansion of Fuji instrumentation business. Fuji Electric Systems will enhance product marketing and development, and commit to offer a higher level of customer satisfaction than ever before.

[ Mar. 2005 ]
Fuji Compact Ultrasonic Flowmeter (M-Flow) was upgraded to measure the flow in large size pipe upto 600mm (old model: 25 to 225mm) with +-1.5% accuracy for plastic pipes (old model:+-2%). It was renamed "M-Flow PW" focusing on "pure water" measurement in semiconductor application, where M-Flow PW works at its best.

PXH Digital Controller was launched in the market. Easy configuration with pre-installed application templates.
  • High speed control - 50ms input sampling
  • High accuracy - 0.1%
  • Extensive number of I/O points
  • Enhanced math functions
  • RS-485 modbus communications and transmitter power supply options available.

[ Feb. 2005 ]
This gas analyzer is capable of measuring the concentration of NO, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4 and O2 components in sample gas.

[ Aug. 2004 ]
A World-class Hart Communicator is now available through FUJI's International Sales Network.

[ May. 2004 ]
New Paperless recorder, Model: PHL, is now available.
PHL is designed with abundant function and high speed sampling time.
Large input of 9 channel / 18 channel on 5.7" color LCD offers cost efficiency.

[ Oct. 2003 ]
Fuji Electric Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (FICS) was established in Shanghai, China and start sales activity officially from October, 2003 for the promotion of temperature controllers and other instrumentation products in China.

[ Sep. 2003 ]
Model: PHR is released for Japanese and Asian market only and it is not applicable for CE marking.
Model: PHL which is upgraded model will be released very soon and it will be applicable for CE marking

[ Sep. 2003 ]
Thermal Conductivity type Gas Analyzer, Model:ZAF, is upgraded.
Thermal Conductivity type Gas Analyzer is optimum for measurement of H2, Ar and He gas concentration.

[ May. 2003 ]
New support tool of FCX Series transmitter and FRC temperature transmitter is now available.

FCX Series transmitter support tool Ver.2.00 contains the PC software to execute the configuration of FCX-A,FCX-C,FCX-AII Series transmitter and FRC temperature transmitter.

[ Apr. 2003 ]
Line-up of PXR Series TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER are enhanced.
In addition to 1/32 DIN size and 1/16 DIN size, 1/8 DIN size and 1/4 DIN size are released.

LCD meter with Zero/Span adjustment function is released.
FCX-AII Series TRANSMITTER provide two kinds LCD type Local Indicator.
LCD meter with Zero/Span adjustment function is available for Zero/Span adjustment and Damping setting and Output adjustment, 4-20mA, of transmitter without HHC.

[ Mar. 2003 ]
Explosionproof and Intrinsic safety of TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTER(Model: FRC) are approved by FM

[ Dec. 2002 ]
Flameproof and Intrinsic safety of TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTER(Model:FRC) are approved by ATEX.

EC-Type Examination Certificate Number

[ Sep. 2002 ]
This is a programmable two wire temperature transmitter suitable for head or field mounting.

  • Universal input:mV,V,thermocouple,RTD
  • High accuracy
  • Self diagnostics

[ Aug. 2002 ]
Our Enzan Factory acquired the ISO14001 certificate, the symbol of environmentally friendly company!


[ Feb. 2002 ]
Digital Thermostat "PAS3"
It's a thermostat but you can check the actual temperature value on display. An alarm setter with on/off contact output, to be most suited for detecting overheat in machines, equipments, etc.

  • 24 x 48mm DIN size
  • Alarm Point settable in 1 steps
  • Washable front structure IP66 (NEMA-4X)
  • Measured and Alarm Temperatures Displayable
  • 2 relay contact outputs available

[ Jan. 2002 ]
Small Time-transit Ultrasonic Flowmeter "M-Flow" series.
Can measure pipe diameter 25mm to 225mm liquid measurement.
Small enough to fit to original equipment manufacturer's needs.

  • Front dimension 140 x 130mm.
  • Weight: 800g
  • Quick response time: 0.2 sec.
  • Easy mounting clamp-on sensors.
  • Water resistance of IP65 for both converter and sensor.

[ Nov. 2001 ]
New 1/32 DIN(24 x 48mm) powerful temperature controller PXR3 is launched.
This controller has valuable functions such as RS485 Modbus communication, Digital input, Timer and 8 ramp/soak steps as options.

[ Oct. 2001 ]
The World's Most Reliable and Durable Transmitter in a New Advanced Version!
The new industry standard FCX-AII series from Fuji Electric.
Combining the proven technology of the advanced floating cell, the micro capacitance silicon sensor and the state of the art algorism, FCX-AII has elevated transmitter performance to a new horizon.
  • World fastest measuring cycle: 40 ms
  • 0.07% accuracy
  • 0.1% stability for 3 years
  • Total Performance 0.2% of span
  • HART or FUJI smart bilingual communication
  • Upgradable to Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus

[ Aug. 2001 ]
Quick Reference for Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter,PORTAFLOW-X is now available from this website.
This documents will help you to understand PORTAFLOW-X more intensively.

24 Channel Recorder(Model:PHB) is joined to our Microjet Recorder FCR series!
The adoption of an ink jet system makes it possible to record measured data in analog trace mode and to print in digital mode at a high speed. This 180mm-wide recorder performs recording clearly in 6 different colors. In addition to the features of PHA,PHC,PHE model,which are "Compact" "High quality recording" "Easy handling", the release of PHB can makesatisfy customer's wide demand.

[ Jul. 2001 ]
Instruction manuals for PX series temperature controller(Model:PXV3,PXV4,PXW,PXZ and PXR4) are now available from this website.

New Product Information <Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Fixed Type>
We are releasing updated version of our Time-Delta series fixed type ultrasonicflowmeters, Model FLV. The followings are the added features.

1) Multilingual:
Now features that English, French, German and Japanese (Katakana) can be displayed on LCD by your choice.

2) Small Diameter Sensor:
Now features that you can connect small diameter sensor FLD22 to FLV version 3. Now the minimum diameter can be measured is 13mm.
New 19"Rack Mount type Infrared Analyzer
New Infrared Gas Analyzer ZRJ(Single Beam type) and ZKJ(Double Beam type) have just been launched.
ZRJ can measure Max. 3 components(O2 and 2 components out of CO2,CO,SO2,CH4) and ZKJ can measure Max. 5 components(O2 and 4 components out of NO,SO2,CO2,CO,CH4).

[ Aug. 2000 ]
Ultrasonic Flowmeter <Time Delta S> sensor is now compliance with CENELEC EN 5004:1997, +A,A2:1999 and CENELEC EN50028:1987. Certified grade of sensor is EExm II T6 Tamb 60.

New 1/16 DIN(48 x 48mm) powerful temperature controller PXR4 is launched.
This controller has valuable functions such as RS485 Modbus communication, Digital input, Timer and 8 ramp/soak steps as options.

Distributor or sales agent to promote Fuji temperature controller PX series wanted in Europe.

Please contact Fuji Electric Instruments whoever is interested in. keisoku@fujielectric.com

[ Jan. 2000 ]
Fuji Electric Instruments launches new Compact Controller M. The controller is state-of-the-arts four-loop controller which provides unpararelled application flexibility with 16-color display and communication capability.

Fuji Electric Instruments Model ZRM, ZRY Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer received TÜV approval.
(TÜV-Bericht: 936/808011/A)

Protaflow X Ultrasonic flowmeter adds new feature of "multi-lingual" (English, German, French, Japanese) display. The flowmeter also added new transducer which provides more economical solution for the flow measurement with middle size pipe (200-1200 mm dia.)

Total production of PX Series temperature controller now exceeds 1 million units since its production start.

Fuji Electric Instruments introduces new Automobile Exhaust Gas Analyzer. The analyzer measures CO, CO2, HC and O2 for testingautomobile exhaust gas.

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