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Instruction Manual Last Update : 2016 Feb.25

Pressure Transmitters (2015/09/24)
Temperature Transmitters
Flowmeters (2016/01/29)
Levels (2012/01/06)
Gas Analyzer (2016/2/25)
Z Series Temperature Controllers (2015/08/26)
Recorder (2012/05/23)
AC Power Monitor (2013/11/06)
Compact Controller M (CC-M) (2008/01/09)
Converters, Others (2015/09/24)
Indicators, Integrators (2006/12/28)

Mark "*" indicates discontinued product.
Pressure Transmitters Model MN NO.
1 Pressure Transmitters FCX-AIII Series FK*-5 TN5FCXA33c-E
2 Pressure Transmitters FCX-AIII Series New FK*-5 TN5FCXA34a-E
3 Pressure Transmitters FCX-AII Series* FK* TN4FCXA2g-E
4 FCX-AII Series Transmitter Maintenance Manual* FC* LB-002
5 FCX-AII Series Transmitters (PROFIBUS-PA Type)* FD* TN4FCXA2PBa-E
6 FCX-AII Series Transmitters (Foundation Fieldbus)* FD* TN4FCXA2FB-E
7 Pressure Transmitter <FCX-C2>* FKP-4 TN4FCXC2a-E
8 Hand Held Communicator Smart Type (HHC) FXW TN1FXWi-E
9 Compact Pressure Sensor* FCK TN1FCK-E
10 Equalizing Valve FFN3A, 3C TN2FFN3A3Ca
11 Equalizing Valve FFN3F, 3G TN2FFN3F3Ga
Temperature Transmitters Model MN NO.
1 Temperature Transmitter FRC TNFRCA-E
2 HART Setup Manual <FRC> FRC TNFRCB-E
3 Safe Installation Manual <FRC> FRC TNFRCD-E
Flowmeters Model MN NO.
1 Portable Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter FSC-2,FSS,FSD TN2FSCb-E
2 Portable Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter* FSC,FSD TN1FSCe-E
3 Portable Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter Basic Manual FSC,FSD,FSS ECNO:641c
4 Portable Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter PC Loader Software FSC TN5A1784b-E
5 Portable Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter <Quick Reference>* FLC, FLD ECNO:622
6 Portable Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter * FLC, FLD TN2FLCd-E
7 Portable Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter Operation Manual* FLC, FLD TN2FLCP-E
8 Ultrasonic Flowmeter* FLV,FLW,FLD TN3FLVa-E
9 Ultrasonic Flowmeter* FLH, FLW TN3FLH-E
10 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Detector* FLS-3 TN3FLS-E
11 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Flow Transmitter<M-Flow PW> FLR-3 TN3FLRa-E
12 M-Flow PW Communication Functions FLR-3 TN5A1563-E
13 Ultrasonic Flowmeter <M-Flow PW>* FLR, FLS-2 TN2FLRSc-E
14 Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeter <Duosonics> FSH, FSW TN1FSHc-E
15 Ultrasonic Flowmeter <2-Path System type> FSH,FSG,FSD TN1FSH2a-E
16 Electromagnetic Flowmeter (Integral Type)* FMA TN1FMAb-E
17 Electromagnetic Flowmeter (Separate Type)* FMB, FMC TN1FMBCb-E
18 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Flow Transmitter<TIME DELTA-C> FSV-2 TN2FSVa-E
19 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Flow Transmitter<Advanced Type> FSV-2 TN2FSVL-E
20 Ultrasonic Flowmeter<TIME DELTA-C>* FSV,FSG,D TN1FSVGd-E
21 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Detctor(For FSV-2,FLR-3) FSS TN1FSSd-E
22 TIME DELTA-C Communication Functions FSV-2 TN5A1564-E
23 TIME DELTA-C(Advanced Type)Communication Functions FSV-2 TN5A1951-E
24 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Detector* FSG TN1FSGb-E
25 Weir Flow Transmitter* FJC TN500618-E
26 Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Air FWD TN1FWD-E
Levels Model MN NO.
1 Water Level Transmitter FQK TN3FQKb-E
2 Ultrasonic Liquid Level Meter* FQH,FQG TN2FQH-E
3 Liquid Level Transmitter (Float Type)* FNF TN4FNF-E
4 Height Transmitter* FNG TN4FNGa-E
5 Optical Water Level Transmitter FQM,PSM TN2FQMa-E
6 Optical/Electric Converter PSN TN1PSNa-E
Gas Analyzer Model MN NO.
1 Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer ZAF-3 TN3ZAFb-E
2 Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer ZAF-4 TN4ZAF-E
3 Communication Functions (MODBUS) <ZAF> ZAF TN513974a-E
4 Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer(Flame-proof Type) ZAFE TN4ZAFE
5 NDIR Type Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZKJ-2 TN2ZKJa-E
6 NDIR Type Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZKJ-3 TN3ZKJe-E
7 NDIR Type Infrared Gas Analyzer ZKJ-4 TN4ZKJ-E
8 NDIR Type Infrared Gas Analyzer ZKJ7-4 TN4ZKJ7-E
9 NDIR Type Infrared Gas Analyzer ZPA TN1ZPAa-E
10 NDIR Type Infrared Gas Analyzer ZPB TN1ZPB-E
11 NDIR Type Infrared Gas Analyzer ZPG TN1ZPG-E
12 Service Manual< ZPA,ZPB,ZPG > ZPA,B,G TN5A1191a-E
13 NDIR Type Infrared Gas Analyzer ZRE TN1ZREg-E
14 Communication Functions(MODBUS)<ZPA,B,G> ZPA,B,G TN5A1190-E
15 Service Manual <ZRE> ZRE TN5A0354c-E
16 Communication Functions(MODBUS) ZRE TN5A0204a-E
17 Service Manual <ZKJ>* ZKJ-3 TN514722-E
18 Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZRJ-3 TN3ZRJ-E
19 Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZRJ-4 TN4ZRJ-E
20 Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZRJ-5 TN5ZRJa-E
21 Infrared Gas Analyzer ZRJ-6 TN6ZRJ-E
22 Service Manual <ZRJ> ZRJ-5 TN513433a-E
23 Infrared Gas Analyzer Communication functions (MODBUS) ZRJ, ZKJ TN513327b-E
24 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Converter ZKM-1 TN1ZKMf-E
25 Service Manual ZKM-1 TN5A0845b-E
26 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Converter (HART Communication) ZKM-2 TN2ZKMA-E
27 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Converter(Flameproof type) ZKME TN1ZKMEb-E
28 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Communication functions (MODBUS) ZKM-1 TN5A0506a-E
29 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Communication functions(HART) ZKM-2 TN5A2373-E
30 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Converter* ZRM TN1ZRMa-E
31 Zirconia Oxyzen Analyzer RS-485 Interface* ZRM TN508405-E
32 Service Manual <ZRM>* ZRM TN507849-E
33 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Converter* ZRY TN2ZRY-E
34 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Detector ZFK8 TN5ZFK8c-E
35 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Detector(Flameproof type) ZFKE TN5ZFKEa-E
36 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Detector* ZFK2, 5 TN4ZFK2a-E
37 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer ZFK3, 4, 7 TN4ZFK3a-E
38 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer <Service Manual> ZFK3, 4, 7 TN5A0281a-E
39 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer ZFK7 TN4ZFK7a
40 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer (Malti-Channel Type)* ZRN, ZFK TN1ZRN-E
41 Ejector For Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer ZTA TN1ZTAb-E
42 Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer ZAJ TN5ZAJ-E
43 Service Manual <ZAJ> ZAJ TN512955b-E
44 Paramagnetic Oxygen Analayzer ZKG TN2ZKGa-E
45 Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZRH TN1ZRHb-E
46 Service Munual <ZRH>* ZRH TN507285b-E
47 Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZRF TN1ZRFb-E
48 Service Manual <ZRF>* ZRF TN510237-E
49 Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZRG TN2ZRG-E
50 Service Manual <ZRG>* ZRG TN508255a-E
51 Infrared Gas Analyzer ZRC6 TN1ZRC6a-E
52 Portable CP Analyzer* ZFX TN1ZFXb-E
53 Portable Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZFY TN1ZFY-E
54 Compact Type Gas Analyzer* ZSVF-1 TN1ZSVFd-E
55 Compact Type Gas Analyzer* ZSVS-1 TN1ZSVSb-E
56 Compact Type Gas Analyzer ZSVF-2 TN2ZSVF-E
57 Compact Type Gas Analyzer ZSVS-2 TN2ZSVS-E
58 Portable Type Gas Analyzer (MODBUS) ZSV TN514400b-E
59 Service Manual <ZSV> ZSV TN514401a-E
60 Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZSU-2 TN2ZSUa-E
61 Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZSU-3 TN3ZSU-E
62 Infrared Gas Analyzer (Installation Manual)* ZSU-3 TN514191-E
63 Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZSU-4 TN4ZSUa-E
64 Infrared Gas Analyzer(Installation Manual)* ZSU-4 TN5A0527a-E
65 Infrared Gas Analyzer ZSU-5 TN5ZSUa-E
66 Infrared Gas Analyzer(installation Manual) ZSU-5 TN5A1309-E
67 Infrared Gas Analyzer ZSJ TN1ZSJ-E
68 Infrared Gas Analyzer(installation Manual) ZSJ TN5A1588-E
69 CO/O2 Gas Analyzer For Stack Gas* ZSQ-1 TN1ZSQ-E
70 CO/O2 Gas Analyzer For Stack Gas* ZSQ-2 TN2ZSQ-E
71 CO/O2 Gas Analyzer For Stack Gas* ZSQ-3 TN3ZSQa-E
72 CO/O2 Gas Analyzer For Stack Gas ZSQ-4 TN4ZSQa-E
73 Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZSP TN4ZSPb-E
74 CO/O2 Gas Analyzer For Stack Gas* ZSW TN1ZSW-E
75 Direct Insertion Type Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer ZSB TN2ZSBa-E
76 Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZFU TN3ZFUa-E
77 Infrared CO2 Controller ZFP9 TN1ZFP9c-E
78 Gas Extractor* ZBAK TN4ZBAK-E
79 Gas Extractor* ZBAK2 TN4ZBAK2-E
80 Gas Extractor ZBAK2-5 TN5ZBAK2a-E
81 Peltier Gas Cooler* ZBC9-3 TN3ZBC9a-E
82 Peltier Gas Cooler ZBC9-4 TN4ZBC9-E
83 Ball Valve,2-Way Valve,4-Way Valve ZBF TN3ZBFa-E
84 Gas Aspirator ZBG TN4ZBGb-E
85 NO2 / NO Converter ZDL03 TN1ZDL03b-E
86 NO2 / NO Converter ZDL04 TN1ZDL04b-E
87 Automotive Emission Analyzer ZKE TN1ZKEe-E
88 Automotive Emission Analyzer <Service Manual> ZKE TN512524d-E
89 Gas Analyzer For Heat Treatment Furnaces ZFG TN1ZFGc-E
90 Gas Analyzer For Heat Treatment Furnaces <Service Manual> ZFG TN5A0150a-E
91 Cross Stack Laser Gas Analyzer ZSS TN5ZSS-E
92 Cross Stack Laser Gas Analyzer ZSS-6 TN6ZSS-E
93 Biomass Gas Analyzer ZPAF TN1ZPAFa-E
94 Gas Filter/Cleaner ZBB TN3ZBBc-E
95 Component Eliminator ZBBB6,7,8 TN3ZBBB6-E
96 Infrared Gas Analyzer* ZSK TN1ZSK-E
97 Infrared Gas Analyzer(Installation Manual)* ZSK TTN5A0271-E
Z Series Temperature Controllers Model MN NO.
1 Micro Controller X* PXV3 TN2PXV3-E
2 Micro Controller X* PXV4 TN2PXV4-E
3 Micro Controller X* PXW TN2PXWb-E
4 Micro Controller X* PXZ TN2PXZa-E
5 Micro Controller X PXE4 TN1PXEb-E
6 Micro Controller X PXF4 TN2PXF4a-E
7 Micro Controller X PXF5,9 TN2PXF5_9a-E
8 PXF Communication Functions(MODBUS) PXF TN5A2227a-E
9 USB Loader Cable for PXF PXF TN405836a-E
10 Micro Controller X Operation Manual PXF TN5A2400-E
11 Micro Controller X PXR3 TN1PXR3f-E
12 Micro Controller X (Socket Type) PXR4 TN1PXR4Sa-E
13 Micro Controller X PXR4, 7 TN1PXRn-E
14 Micro Controller X PXR5, 9 TN1PXR5/9f-E
15 Micro Controller X PXG4 TN1PXG4e-E
16 Micro Controller X PXG5, 9 TN1PXG5/9e-E
17 Micro Controller X Operation Manual PXG ECNO:1411c
18 Micro Controller X Communication Functions (MODBUS) PXG TN514450c-E
19 Digital Thermostat PAS3 TN1PAS3b-E
20 Program Controller X* PVX TN1PVXd-E
21 Graphic Program Controller(1 channel)* PVH TN1PVHd-E
22 Graphic Program Controller(2 channels)* PVH TN1PVH2c-E
23 Micro Controller X Operation Manual* PXV, PXW PXV,PXW-1-E
24 Micro Controller X Operation Manual* PXZ PXZ-1-E
25 Micro Controller X Operation Manual PXE4 TN5A1887a-E
26 Micro Controller X Operation Manual PXR3 ECNO:409d
27 Micro Controller X Operation Manual PXR4, 5, 9 ECNO:406f
28 Micro Controller X Communication Functions (MODBUS) PXR TN512642d-E
29 Micro Controller Communication Functions(Z-ASCII) PXR TN512644d-E
30 Fuzzy Controller X* PYX TN1PYXf-E
31 Fuzzy Controller X Communication Functions(MODBUS)* PYX TN511189-E
32 Fuzzy Controller X RS485 Transmission Protocol* PYX TN508165a-E
33 Micro Controller E* PYZ TN2PYZDe-E
34 Micro Controller S* PYW TN1PYWf-E
35 Micro Controller S* PYV TN1PYVe-E
36 Micro Controller H* PYH TN3PYHd-E
37 Digital Controller PXH PXH TN1PXHc-E
38 Users Manual For PXH (Basic control Type) Updated Function ver. PXH TN514206d-E
39 Users Manual For PXH (Motorized Control Type) Updated Function ver. PXH TN514357c-E
40 Users Manual For PXH (Heating/Cooling Control Type) Updated Function ver. PXH TN514557c-E
41 Digital Controller Communication Functions(MODBUS) Updated Function ver. PXH TN514207c-E
42 Users Manual For PXH (Basic Control Type) PXH TN514206c-E
43 Digital Controller Communication Functions PXH TN514207b-E
44 Parameter Loader For Digital Controller PXH PXH TN514208c-E
45 Users Manual For PXH (Motorized Control Type) PXH TN514357b-E
46 Users Manual For PXH (Heating/Cooling Control Type) PXH TN514557b-E
47 Module type Temp. Controller (Control Module) PUMA/B TN1PUMAa-E
48 Module type Temp. Controller (Event Input/Output Module) PUME TN1PUMEa-E
49 Users Manual For PUMA/B (upgrade) PUMA/B TN5A0198c-E
50 Users Manual For PUMA/B PUMA/B TN5A0198b-E
51 Users Manual For PUME PUME TN5A0199b-E
52 Users Manual For PUMCL PUMCL TN5A0200a-E
53 Users Manual For PUM Parameter loader PUM TN5A0201d-E
54 Users Manual For PUM Parameter loader (upgrade) PUM TN5A1634a-E
55 Module type Tem. Controller(Analog Input/Output Module) PUMV,N,T TN1PUMVb-E
56 Users Manual For PUMV,N,T PUMV,N,T TN5A0203a-E
57 Users Manual For PUMCE PUMCE TN5A2052a-E
58 Module type Controller(Ethernet) PUMCE TN1PUMCEa-E
59 Module type Controller(CC-Link) PUMCL TN1PUMCLb-E
60 Module type Tem. Controller(Enhanced Communication Module) PUMCM TN1PUMCMc-E
61 Users Manual For PUMCM PUMCM TN5A0202c-E
62 Module type Tem.Controller(PROFIBUS Module) PUMCP TN1PUMCPb-E
63 User's Mnual For PUMCP PUMCP TN5A0489a-E
Recorder Model MN NO.
1 Paperless Recorder PHR-4 TN4PHRc-E
2 Paperless Recorder <Quick Reference> PHR-4 TN4PHRQRc-E
3 Paperless Recorder* PHR-3 TN3PHR-E
4 Paperless Recorder <Quick Reference>* PHR-3 TN3PHRQR-E
5 Parameter Loader For PHR and PHW PHR,PHW TN513551h-E
6 Data Viewer For PHR and PHW PHR,PHW TN513550i-E
7 Paperless Recorder Communication Functions (RS485/Ethernet) PHR TN514079d-E
8 Paperless Recorder PHW TN1PHWc-E
9 Paperless Recorder Communication Functions (Ethernet) PHW TN5A0165a-E
10 Paperless Recorder PHL-2 TN2PHLd-E
11 Paperless Recorder <Quick Reference> PHL-2 TN2PHLQRd-E
12 Palameter Loder For PHL and PHF,PHU PHL,PHF,PHU TN513995e-E
13 Data Viewer For PHL and PHF,PHU PHL,PHF,PHU TN514013g-E
14 Paperless Recorder Communication Functions(RS485/Ethernet) PHL-2 TN513979d-E
15 Paperless Recorder PHF TN1PHFc-E
16 Paperless Recorder<Quick Reference> PHF TN1PHFQRc-E
17 Paperless Recorder Communication Function(Ethernet) PHF TN5A0072b-E
18 Paperless Recorder PHU TN1PHUc-E
19 Paperless Recorder<Quick Reference> PHU TN1PHUQRc-E
20 Paperless Recorder<Ethernet> PHU TN5A0024a-E
21 Microjet Recorder PHC TN3PHCVi-E
22 Microjet Recorder(Setting of recording paper) PHC TN3PHC_CHa-E
23 Microjet Recorder E PHE TN2PHEVd-E
24 Microjet Recorder PHA TN4PHAVd-E
25 Microjet Recorder (24-Channel)* PHB TN1PHB-E
26 RS-485 Interface PHA, PHC TN506547d-E
27 Troubleshooting Guide PHA/PHC PHA, PHC TN510410a-E
AC Power Monitor Model MN NO.
1 AC Power Monitor PPMC TN2PPMCa-E
2 AC Power Monitor(SD memory card type) PPMC-3 TN3PPMC-E
Compact Controller M (CC-M) Model MN NO.
1 Compact Controller M* PDA3 TN1PDA3d-E
2 Compact Controller M (Fixed Function / Continuous Output Type)* PDA1 TN2PDA1a-E
3 Compact Controller M (Fixed Function / Step Output Type)* PDC1 TN2PDC1a-E
4 Compact Controller M (Step Output Type)* PDC2 TN2PDC2e-E
5 Programming Loader* PDZP2 TN513988a-E
6 Ratio Setter* PDG3 TN1PDG3c-E
7 Setter* PDF3 TN1PDF3c-E
8 Electronic Indicator* PDJ3 TN1PDJ3c-E
9 Manual Loader* PDB3 TN1PDB3c-E
10 Introductory Guide For CC-M* PDA3 TN513316c-E
11 Communication Specification For CC-M* PDA3 TN512178c-E
12 Application Manual For CC-M* PDA3 TN512878-E
13 Compact Controller S* PNA3 TN5PNA3a-E
14 Compact Controller S Transmission Protocol* PNA3 TN507785-E
15 Compact Controller S Wafer Description* PNA, C TN508296-E
Converters, Others Model MN NO.
1 Distributor* PXM TN2PXMc-E
2 Arresrer* PXC TN2FXCg-E
3 Safety Barrier PWX TN1PWXb-E
4 PT Type Signal Converter* PTA TN1PTAa-E
5 PT Type Calculator* PTB TN1PTBa-E
6 PT Type Isolatar* PTF TN1PTF-E
7 PT Type Alarm Setter* PTP TN1PTP-E
8 PT Type Distributor (48mm width)* PTL TN1PTL-E
9 PT Type Distributor (24mm width)* PTM TN1PTM-E
10 System Power Supply Unit (3A)* PXJ3 TN3PXJ3-E
11 System Power Supply Unit (10A)* PXJ5 TN2PXJ5a-E
Indicators, Integrators Model MN NO.
1 Alarm Setter with Digital Display* PCP TN1PCP-E
2 Moving Coil Type Indicator* PAJ, PAK TN58129a-E
3 Moving Coil Type Indicator* PBA TN500404b-E
4 Integrator* PKE TN2PKEb-E
5 Electronic Integrator* PKH TN2PKHb-E

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