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Fuji Electric Low PUE Data Center - To achieve PUE 1.2X -

Fuji Electric green data centers

1.We are helping to reduce the impact on the environment by using high-efficiency equipment for energy-saving electric power usage and air conditioning, and by using visualization to propose energy optimization.

2.We have an abundant line-up of solutions for constructing your green data center.

3.We offer a one-stop solution from design through construction.

Fuji Products for Data Center

Applicable to all types of data centers: modular type

Modular Data Center (Basic configuration)

Main component specifications

■Server block basic module
80 server racks of storage, Server load: 400kW(sever unit average load: 5kW)
Smallest unit: 10 server racks
Robust seismic performance, up to 1000 gal

■Indirect outside air conditioning unit
No concern about dust such as PM2.5, SOX or NOX
Year-round operation possible
Utilizes high-insulation housing

■UPS block
500kVA UPS, high efficiency of 96.5%
Standby redundancy operation with the common UPS building

Example of application to a container type data center

Based on the container enclosure, the hardware required for the data center is assembled as one package.


■Server container (1 to 8 racks of storage)
Sever average load: 12.5kW

■Air conditioner : 4 units
F-COOL NEO cooling capacity: 25kW

■Incoming panel

Example of application to a building type data center

Example of partitioning part of the floor, in a building application

■Compatible with various types of floors

■Can be expanded in phases with short delivery time

High efficiency Large capacity UPS7000HX-T4

High efficiency
Adopting RB-IGBT, achieve high efficiency, 96.5%

Footprint is 35% reduced by reducing number of parts and minimizing the parts.

Unit Capacity is 500kVA (PF=0.9, 450kW).
8 units can be placed in parallel at the maximum and maximum capacity will be 4000kVA.

Indirect outside air conditioning unit F-COOL NEO

Energy-saving cooling method using outside air indirectly

Less Infrastructure
Water supply not required for cooling water or vaporization Necessary infrastructure is only electric power

Built-in compressor type refrigerator
Utilization of outside air with hybrid system
- Annual rated cooling power of 25 kW and 40 kW
- Copes with high-humidity environments

Utilization of outside air energy
Indirect air usage method
Shuts out causes of corrosion from the outdoors Utilization of outside air throughout the year

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