We employ thorough measures to ensure compliance with laws and corporate ethics and always act with a high degree of social conscience to achieve sustained corporate growth.

Basic Compliance Policy

The Fuji Electric Code of Conduct states that we shall “Respect, value and conform with all applicable laws and regulations,” and has been incorporated into our basic policy. We have established and have been implementing the Fuji Electric Compliance Regulations which is the guideline for compliance, and the Fuji Electric Compliance Program, which bring together four aspects of domestic and overseas compliance (internal rules, monitoring, audit and education), based upon this policy.

Compliance Promotion Structure

The Fuji Electric Compliance Promotion Committee, which is headed by a representative director and composed of the managers responsible for regulating laws and/or acts, with outside experts (attorneys) as observers, has jurisdiction over compliance of Fuji Electric.

The committee meets twice each fiscal year to deliberate compliance execution and planning with the goal of achieving full compliance with laws and social norms globally.



Compliance Regulations


Global Promotion of the Compliance Program

Fuji Electric is enhancing the compliance of its overseas operations.

  At all overseas sites, in addition to globally common items that apply such as the prohibition of human rights violations and unfair dealings, including bribery and corruption, the Fuji Electric Compliance Program reflects the laws and regulations of each region where we conduct business. We practice compliance through the actions of all our subsidiaries in Japan and overseas on the basis of this program.


Conducting Compliance Training

Fuji Electric has created a compliance training program for officers and employees of the Company and its subsidiaries that addresses matters they comply with and/or encounter in the course of their business activities. This compliance training has two main thrusts: level-specific and job-specific courses.

Level-Specific Training

Level-specific training is tailored to executives, newly appointed managers, and new employees of consolidated subsidiaries in Japan. Training lasts a half to one full day, with sessions focusing on the Fuji Electric compliance framework and the Fuji Electric Compliance Program. In fiscal 2015, the training was attended by 28 newly appointed directors, 134 newly appointed managers, and 157 new employees.

Job-Specific Training

Job-specific training is conducted that features items for consideration in practical business situations. In fiscal 2015, classroom-based training was conducted for the sales and administrative unit personnel (829 in total) of domestic and overseas companies covering a variety of themes including antimonopoly laws. Furthermore, we conducted e-learning programs for 267 employees at overseas bases.

Sales unit training

Operation of Whistle-Blowing Systems in Japan and Overseas

To prevent infractions of laws, regulations, and internal rules and ensure early detection, Fuji Electric has introduced the Business Ethics Helpline System. Under this system, employees in Japan and overseas can report violations or suspected violations of laws, regulations or Company rules to Fuji Electric’s president via the department responsible for compliance or through an external lawyer.

  We also operate a Partner Hotline, which handles notifications from our suppliers about Fuji Electric’s materials procurement operations. Building more highly reliable trading relationships with our suppliers is part of fulfilling our social responsibility.


Investor Relations

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